Welcome to Avita

If you are on this page it probably means that you have received an invitation to complete an online interview. So firstly, congratulations! Secondly, this is exactly why we designed the solution, so that companies can meet and interview more candidates quickly as part of the recruitment process.

It means that you can do this interview anytime, from anywhere, without needing to take time off work or travel!

Your unique interview experience awaits!

You will be asked to do an online interview and you are able to complete it in your own time. You will be presented with one of our amazing virtual interview facilitators (not a real person, although he/she might look very real) who will facilitate the interview process with you. 

The questions will be asked, and your video answers will be recorded and be made available to the company.  

How does it work?

You will be presented with pre-selected interview questions and your answers will be recorded using your own device’s camera and microphone.

You will have a set time limit to complete your video interview answers. You will be provided with a set timeframe to prepare an answer before proceeding to record. The duration of this timeframe varies and at times might require you to think on the spot.

Just as with a face to face interview, you will not be able to re-record your answers.

Your recorded interview will then be available for review by the company’s interview panel.

What’s in it for me?

Most organisations don’t’ have time to interview all applicants. Avita enables organisations to interview more candidates as part of the hiring process.

It means that you:

  • Can complete your interview anytime, anywhere as is most convenient for you.
  • Can answer at your comfort, without the feeling of being scrutinised by a panel
  • Don’t have to spend money on travel costs
  • Don’t’ have to take time off work to go for the interview

Let's make sure you are prepared!

We know that you are super excited about the experience that awaits. But before you start, let’s help you prepare.  Please watch this short video with tips and recommendations. It is important that you prepare for the interview as you would for a traditional in-person interview. 

Technical requirements

Your internet upload speed needs to be at least 300kb/s. 

Your internet upload speed needs to be at least 300kb/s. 

Data consumption varies depending on the interview length and number of questions. We suggest being prepared as each interview differs, so rather cater for more data than less.   

OS Version supported:  7.1.1+
Browser supported: Chrome version 88+ (Recommended), Firefox, Opera) 

OS Version supported:  Windows 7+
Browser supported: Chrome version 88+ (Recommended), Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge) 

Apple Mac:
OS Version supported:  OS X El Capitan+
Browser supported: Safari (latest version), Chrome (version 88+) 

Apple iPhone:
OS Version supported:  iOS / iPad OS 15.2+
Browser supported: Safari (latest version), Chrome (version 88+) 

Candidate FAQ

There will be a set deadline but the date will be communicated in your invitation email as “complete by”. After the communicated date the link will no longer be valid.

The available answer time per question is set by the company you are applying to. When conducting your interview, the maximum answer time per question is shown on the recording page. The available time can vary so be sure to check the time limit set per question.

No, just like a traditional face-to-face interview you are not given the questions in advance.

No, after you complete your answer it is saved and you move on to the next question.

No, we try to keep it as close to a face-to-face interview as possible. Once you are done recording your answer it will be saved and you will not be able to re-record.

Yes, you will be given an opportunity to do a practise question and answer before you start the actual interview.

A video interview is in all aspects the same as a traditional interview, except that you will not be interviewed by a person, but will be presented with a set of pre-selected questions and your answers will be recorded using your own device’s camera and microphone. 

Your recorded interview will then be available for review by the interview panel. 

The company that has requested for you to complete the online interview has access to your video answers and would be able to review and share these with a panel. 

If you would like us to delete your information in future, please contact us with this request. 

Please note that this request could impact your application outcome and will remove you from the database. 

Firstly, make sure your device does have microphone/webcam functionality. Try using an alternative browser such as Google Chrome. Also check if you have allowed the browser to access the microphone/webcam. 

  • Open Chrome then click or tap the menu at the top right. It’s represented by three stacked dots. 
  • Choose Settings 
  • Scroll all the way down the page and open the Advanced link 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Privacy and security section and choose Content settings. 
  • Choose either Camera or Microphone to access either setting. 

You can use the same interview link and login details as well as the same unique code from the email to return to the interview. You will be able to continue with the interview.

This means the due date for the interview request has passed. If you would like an extension on your interview due date, you will need to contact the company you applied to with this inquiry.

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