Hire with ease

Avita is a web-based software solution that is intuitive and super easy to navigate, all while delivering a feature-rich solution behind the scenes.

Save time and money, and hire up to 70% faster with the simplest screening software.

Get started fast in 3 easy steps

Backed by a dedicated support team who can meet your timeframe.



Brand the platform. Choose your Avita. Design your process.


Review and Collaborate

Get clicking. Get sharing.


Continuous Pipeline

Always on screening. Never miss your match.


Brand the platform. Choose your Avita. Design your process.

Epic employer brand experience

94% of candidates said the interview affects their decision. Include your corporate identity elements and select an “Avita” to be represent your brand.

Scientific Interview Questions

Hire right by including the right questions the first time. Select from an extensive library of researched-backed interview questions across roles and seniorities or create your own.

Custom interview process

Decide how much time candidates have to answer, if there is a forced start so they answer under pressure and if answers should be video or text. Screen anyone, anytime, anywhere. Screen like your team is 10x larger! Screen across geographical regions.

Assess knowledge and soft skills

Screening questions are asked in real time. Candidates don’t see the list of questions before the interview, just like a normal traditional interview process. Easily assess soft skills like communication and presentation skills as you review.

Start reviewing

Press send and get screening! Don’t sit through interviews that waste your time. Review in your own time, anywhere. You will have completed interviews waiting for you. Review in your own time and decide when you want to Play. Stop. Fast forward. Skip. Rewind.

Evaluate and Collaborate

Rate and then share top interviews with decision makers for collaboration. Minimise biases by hiding the interview scores from hiring managers or panel ratters until they have evaluated and scored. Use our 5 point star rating scale to easily categorise your candidates

Review and collaborate

Get clicking. Get sharing.

Build pipeline

Always on screening. Never miss your match.

Always on interviewing

Never miss out on candidates, even when your recruitment team is on leave.

Quality check

Easily check the quality of candidates that your talent team are putting forward for consideration.

Talent Pipeline and Database

Store. Revisit. Repurpose. Quality Check. Access the database of candidate interviews to build and manage your ongoing hiring needs and talent pipeline.

Quality control

Manage de-centralsied hiring and maintain control when it comes to quality of hire.

Get all of this with:

Set Pricing

Enjoy the benefit of set pricing that does not increase as your usage does. We customise a quote specific to your needs.

Local Support

Enjoy responsive service from expert resources to ensure you are supported anytime, all the time.

Easy Integration

We know that you might have ATS or other third party systems that make use of. Easily integrate Avita to interphase with your preferred platforms.

POPIA Compliance

Rest assured that our software is fully compliant with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA). 

Hire with care

Avita provides every candidate with an equitable, humanised experience to enable them to put their authentic selves forward.  

Avita simulates the screening interview like traditional face-to-face interviews. Candidates are familiar with the flow of the interview and our engaging virtual interview facilitators set candidates at ease during the process.  

Best of all, candidate don’t have to take time off work or incur cost for travel. They complete the process in a place and time most convenient to them, so that recruiters, candidates, and businesses alike can find their match quickly.